Maui: Day 6

Yup… Day 5 evening began the relaxing portion of our trip and that’s exactly what Day 6 ntailed: nothing but relaxing. It rained pretty hard in the morning during breakfast, but the clouds broke and gave way to yet another beautiful day in Maui! We never did make the trip to Hana, even after the …

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Maui: Day 5

We’re planning on some long road trips to Hana and Haleakala – both of which contain spectacular views and rough terrain. So clearly we needed to prepare by going to get our rental car upgraded: Jeep Wrangler X with the top down. We travelled back into Kahuili to get our upgraded car. Also went back …

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Maui: Day 4

The most adventurous day of our trip: snorkeling! Having been sea sick during previous boating trips and not completely in love with the idea of swimming with fish, this was clearly a moment of peer pressure. “You mean you want to snorkel? And you’re not nervous? Oh, well then… I’m not nervous either. Sign me …

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Maui: Day 3

Once again with the early rising. At this point, it’s probably betterthis way. Hopefully, with this pattern of sleep, there won’t be muchjet lag on the return home. Main destination for Day 3: Wailea Very nice resort area with two of the best beaches in Maui: Black SandBeach and Big Beach. Black Sand Beach is …

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Maui: Day 2

Getting used to waking up before sunrise and ordering in breakfast. Quite the life! Day 2 was the day of polar opposite activities.   Started the day off with a trip to the hotel spa to see what menu items they offered. Turned out they had availability to take us right away for a couples …

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Maui: Day 1

Woke up on Day 1 before sunrise – not surprising, given the time difference. Ordered breakfast for the room and enjoyed a leisurely morning on the terrace. The rest of the day included highlights such as:(1) Lahaina – shopping on Front St.(2) Kimo’s Restaurant – great ocean view dining in Lahaina(3) Booked some more activities …

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Flew first class to Maui

As expected, not too many people flying to Maui on a Tues. evening… so we were upgraded to First Class for the flight!! Muuuuch better than coach. Food and drink aplenty. Also met a local on the plane, who gave us some great recommendations.