Maui: Day 3

Once again with the early rising. At this point, it’s probably better
this way. Hopefully, with this pattern of sleep, there won’t be much
jet lag on the return home.

Main destination for Day 3: Wailea

Very nice resort area with two of the best beaches in Maui: Black Sand
Beach and Big Beach.

Black Sand Beach is set back in the woods and would normally require a 4×4 of sorts to reach, so as to not bottom out the car on the dirt road. But the Chevy Malibu did just fine at slow speeds. The Black Sand Beach was amazing, not populated, and a nice serene spot to relax for a bit. Not able to swim though, with all the rocks near shore.

Big Beach was exactly that, BIG. Vast sand beach with a great swim
area and fun waves. The number of parking spaces paled in comparison to the number of people the beach could hold. But once we hiked in from our far away parking spot, it was well worth the trip.

Also travelled into Kihei and enjoyed a local eatery. Fish and chips
for the 2nd time, and once again with another type of freshly caught
Hawaiian white fish.

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