Maui: Day 4

The most adventurous day of our trip: snorkeling!

Having been sea sick during previous boating trips and not completely in love with the idea of swimming with fish, this was clearly a moment of peer pressure. “You mean you want to snorkel? And you’re not nervous? Oh, well then… I’m not nervous either. Sign me up!”

Turns out we were both nervous but both willing to push our comfort level just to say we’d been snorkeling in Maui. If this were an opportunity say in the CT river, we’d certainly pass.

A couple of Dramamine pills and a beautiful calm ocean day later, the experience was amazing. The water was clear down 50 ft to the coral reef ocean floor. Seeing at least a dozen species of fish, we snorkeled off the coast of Maui and also went to Molokini.

The wet suit rental was also a great decision. While not a very flattering outfit, it kept me warm and buoyant. Hahaha!

After recovering from the Drammamine drowsiness, we celebrated with a wonderful meal at Nick’s Fish Market down in Wailea.

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