Maui: Day 2

Getting used to waking up before sunrise and ordering in breakfast. Quite the life! Day 2 was the day of polar opposite activities.

Started the day off with a trip to the hotel spa to see what menu items they offered. Turned out they had availability to take us right away for a couples hot stone massage. Being it my first time ever getting a spa treatment…. one word: amazing! While there was a short circuit in the couples cabana that prevented us from getting a hot stone massage, we “settled” for a deep tissue massage. I literally couldn’t stop talking about it all day.
Then we decided to explore the mountainous roads of West Maui (during the daytime and not after just getting off an airplane… muuuuch better!). We stopped at the Nakalele lava blowhole. We had to descend the side of cliff to get down to see the lava blowhole spray water up to 70ft in the air. A couple people got too close and were drenched… one guy even fell from the hard waves crashing on the nearby rocks.
After the lava blowhole, we went to the Olivine Pools – stillwater pools that were created from the ocean spray of waves crashing against the rocks. Once again, we descended (much steeper) down another cliff to reach the destination. The lava rocks and caverns were an amazing sight. The rocks under water were slippery and the depth of the holes were difficult to determine. This resulted in a good America’s Funniest Home Video moment when I slipped right into a 4ft hole, landing on my tail, and scratching my leg. It produced great laughs.
Finished off the evening with an authentic luau – that means no fire dancers or men wearing tiki masks… apparently those are of a different origin. Also, got to have a honeymoon dance on the beach.

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