Maui: Day 6

Yup… Day 5 evening began the relaxing portion of our trip and that’s exactly what Day 6 ntailed: nothing but relaxing.

It rained pretty hard in the morning during breakfast, but the clouds broke and gave way to yet another beautiful day in Maui!

We never did make the trip to Hana, even after the best of intentions, renting out the “Guide to Hana” CD from the hotel front desk. Instead, we took the top down of our newly rented Wrangler, drove back into Lahaina and ate lunch at Bubba Gump’s with a spectacular table that sat over the ocean.

We stayed local the rest of the day, and ate sushi for dinner. Even tried alittle geoduck (i.e. jumbo clam) – for those of you that have seen the Dirty Jobs episode!!!

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