My New Hobby

I’m officially hooked! While I’ve been swinging a golf club since I was 6 or 7, this past golf season was truly the first time I’ve really tried to work on my game. There was one Summer in high school where I think I played 5 or 6 Saturdays straight, but since, the 2 or 3 annual charity scrambles have been the extent of my golf outings. If I did get in an 18 hole round with my dad, every now and again, I’d score 110-115. As of 2015, I officially joined a weekend golf league and have gotten my official handicap down to a 19.7.

As part of taking golf more seriously, I’ve been custom fitted for my golf clubs (perhaps a What’s In The Bag? post coming soon!), taken a few lessons, and have been obsessed with watching YouTube videos on golf. Given work and volunteer opportunities, I’ve also had the great fortune to golf at some pretty impressive places throughout the US (again… perhaps more posts coming soon!).

I’m looking to blog about my golf experience on this site, if for nothing else than to remember all of the various swing thoughts, and to document my (improved) progression. The average handicap for a golfer who has an official USGA handicap card is 14. I’m looking to get to that or better. Let’s begin!

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