Wish I understood more about the human psyche…

Hartford, CT has been the scene of three incidents in the past week that have caused me (and the Hartford Police Chief) to stop and wonder: just what exactly is our society thinking about?

One of the incidents involved a 78-year old man, struck by a car and left for dead. Not to mention, all the cars and people that kept going on about their business. Hartford police are still unable to determine whether anyone actually called 911 after this incident occurred. Apparently, it just happened to be coincidence that another Hartford Officer passed by on his way to responding to another call and saw the scene:

Update: At a news conference held in Hartford, it was reported that several people indeed called 911 after the incident. Also, the story has now made national news, with an interview of the victim’s son on NBC’s Today Show and also Top-10 article on CNN.

1 thought on “Wish I understood more about the human psyche…”

  1. It even made the NY news. You know it’s bad when people in NJ can’t believe the horror. “Hey, Tim, aren’t you from around Hartford?””No,” I responded, “Harvard, CT.”

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