Watch Me Whip

I’ve never been a small guy. In fact, quite the opposite. Even a former US president has referenced me as “Big Guy”… and this has gotten into my head and become a problem for my golf game.

My natural inclination for any shot is to muscle my way through the swing, attempting to push the ball as far as I want with the appropriate club in my hand. With this kind of swing, my hands, wrists, and arms are filled with so much tension that I go right back to hitting slice shots that are 50 yards offline and 75% of the intended distance.

Instead, I need to constantly remind myself to whip the golf club through the hitting area, with virtually no tension of the hands, wrists, and arms. Some PGA professionals float the club off the ground to release the tension. I like to think about relaxing at the top of my backswing, turning my hips and shoulders first, then thinking about letting the rest of the body (arms, wrists, and hands) come along for the ride.

This is much easier said than done for me… but it’s a continued work in progress.

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