This Week’s Swing Thoughts

My handicap isn’t showing my progress, but score isn’t everything. I’ve started to read Every Shot Counts to focus on what aspects of my golf need the most practice, from a strokes gained perspective.

It’s time to reinvigorate my Game Golf use, now that they have the strokes gained stats. Meanwhile, here are my latest swing thoughts to keep the ball in place.

  1. Setup – lower hands to promote swing the club around (flatter) my body
  2. Deep shoulder turn – as demonstrated in this Me & My Golf video
  3. Keep the weight on my backswing on the inside of my right knee – if I sway to far off the ball, I hit it fat
  4. Shallow the club on the down swing – keeping my right palm facing up (like holding a serving plate)… this also promotes a neutral club face that won’t be too open at impact
  5. Keep an eye on the back of the ball and swing through with a bent right wrist and bowed left wrist
  6. My weight should move toward the target (right knee into my left leg)… not out and over the ball
  7. Finish the swing… the arms should feel like they were along for the ride (tension free)

It’s a long list, but if I remind myself of these items before the round and then just go by feel throughout the day, I should be good!

Always a work in progress.

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