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Having listened to satellite radio for about 2 years now, I’ve come to a few conclusions:

(1) Sirius is was better than XM
An opinion-based conclusion, I realize. However, I’ve discussed my thoughts with several friends, and I have yet to find anyone who disagrees.

(2) Satellite radio has just as many commercials
At least for the channels I listen to, I’m still battered with frequent commercial breaks. ( anyone?)

(3) An audio feed of a TV station should not constitute radio
I suppose such channels do fall into the category of radio, but at the very least it should be classified as mediocre radio. CNN Headline News, ESPN News…. I can’t see!! (To be fair, they’re getting better at writing their scripts to cater to an audio-only audience.) And can the audio-quality be made to at least pretend it was a channel meant for satellite radio? I prefer my local National Public Radio. And if I wanted poor audio quality, I’d go back to AM.

(4) I’m going to cancel my XM subscription when it’s up for renewal
Now that the two have joined forces, the programming is worse! (e.g., removing the Sirius old school hip-hop station… are you crazy?!) I really only listen to satellite about 20 minutes a day. And the stations often repeat themselves, like you find on AM/FM. So I think I’m going to just go back to regular AM/FM without paying for the same annoyances.

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  1. I feel your pain. Having had both XM and Sirius I now am disappointed. The outcome is great because I have found the ultimate solution to all of this when in the car. Steaming internet music from the iPhone into the car audio system. Works mint!

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