Oracle Certification Notes: Part VI

A continuation of my notes as I study for the Oracle Certified Associate credential:


  • A tablespace contains one or more segments (e.g., table segment, index segment, undo segment), which are contained on one or more database files
  • Tablespaces are a method of organizing physical database files with logical segments
  • At a minimum, 2 tablespaces must be created as part of Oracle 10g: SYSTEM and SYSAUX

    Data Dictionary:

  • Data about data. (e.g., table definitions, integrity constraints, etc.)
  • Created as part of the CREATE DATABASE command
  • PL/SQL Packages are stored as part of the data dictionary even though owned by users
  • Stored in SYSTEM and SYSAUX tablespaces

    Instance Parameter File

  • Exists for Instance-specific parameters. Not to be confused with the database installation parameter file.
  • Can be static-ASCII based (init.ora – maintained through a text editor) or dynamic-Binary based (spfileSID.ora – maintained through Oracle tools).
  • The parameter Database Block Size cannot be changed once the database has been created. All other parameters can be adjusted.

    Oracle Password File: While OS authentication is required to access Oracle. Oracle also has authentication abilities even when instance is down, through use of an optional, encrypted password file.

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