Oracle Certification Notes: Part IV

A continuation of my notes as I study for Oracle’s Certified Associate credential:

Different Oracle Database Editions

  • Express Edition (1 CPU, 1GB Memory, 4GB Database)
  • Standard Edition One (2 Sockets CPU, Max Memory, No Limit DB)
  • Standard Edition (4 Sockets CPU, Max Memory, No Limit DB)
  • Enterprise Edition (No Limit CPU, Max Memory, No Limit DB)
  • Difference example: Enterprise Edition has N-tier authentication whereas other editions do not
  • Difference example: Enterprise Edition allows for data partitioning whereas other editions do not

    Different Oracle Configuration Assistants

  • Initially used as part of the initial Oracle database installation
  • SQL*Plus Configuration Assistant: configures Oracle Containers for Java (OC4J) in order to connect to the database)
  • Oracle Net Configuration Assistant(NETCA): configure basic networking for the Oracle database
  • Oracle Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA): configure the actual database

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