Nuevasync gets a TechCrunch nod

Back in July ’08, as I was trying to figure out how best to sync my newly purchased iPhone 3G with Gmail and MS Outlook, I scoured the Apple Discussion Forums. I constantly came across posts recommending nuevasync.

After checking out nuevasync’s short and to-the-point site, I contacted TechCrunch. Nuevasync seemed to show as much promise and dedication as other startups that had been mentioned previously on their site. Not to mention, this was all done for free.

Sure enough… seven months later…. a posting on TechCrunch about neuvasync! And it looks like they’re well on there way to passing the 100k user mark. Well done. While I eventually chose ActiveSync for my iPhone integration, I may just take another look at nuevasync, given their ability to now support multiple iPhone calendars.

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