Next-Gen Software Developers will require Analytical and Problem Solving Skills

Computerworld just recently published an article suggesting that Corporate IT could learn a thing or two from Web 2.0 companies such as Yahoo! Flickr among others.

Some of the key takeaways include:
(1) Forgoing the idea of a big stage requirements, design, build, and test as part of the software development lifecycle; rather, substituting a smaller iterative process which heavily involves business users.
(2) A longer (perhaps eternal) beta release with constant updates (Flickr was quoted as having more than 30 production updates in a single day!!) based on, once again, heavy user feedback.
(3) And my favorite… next generation software developers, based on their increased interactions with business users, will require a stronger analytical and problem solving capabilities.

Having been involved in both small-scale application development and Corporate IT development, I agree with Computerworld’s findings.

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