Need a way to remote desktop from work into your windows machine at home? How about gaining access to a document that’s on your home computer, while you’re at work? Try Microsoft’s

While I haven’t used remote desktop for any practical purpose – other than to prove it works, I have been using the file-sharing capabilities of rather extensively for the past month. Overall, I like it.

Simply put, log onto (with your windows live id) and connect your device (limited to windows computers at the moment – mobile and mac “soon”) by installing the appropriate software. Then upload any files you’d like (currently a 5GB limit) into the mesh – from either the online web browser interface or placing files into the newly created mesh folders on your local computer. Anytime a file is uploaded or modified within your mesh, a copy is stored on, and also propagated out to each of the computers actively signed onto the mesh. If you’re not signed on, the next time you log in, or add another device, you’ll receive the latest revision of the files. is certainly not a replacement for Google Apps (more on that subject in a future posting). However, it is a pretty useful in-the-cloud file sharing utility. There’s certainly more overhead in the fact that mesh stores copies of your files in multiple places, and requires constant checking/updating to make sure everything is in sync. However, I enjoy it for the online storage and update capabilities.

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