Let’s try blogging again…

I’ve attempted blogging (if you really want to call it that…) once before in October ’07. After a couple of posts and a few “congratulations on the new frontier” replies, I didn’t really know what other type of information I wanted to post. I didn’t want to reveal too much private information, and figured that any of my geeky thoughts (e.g., next car-decision, quest for the ultimate cellphone, etc.) would be of no use for others.

So instead of typing about a whole bunch of random topics, I did the next best thing… I gave up.

Here’s my second attempt. You’re going to get randomness (misspellings, run-on sentences, etc.) until I can figure out what I’d like to keep in my blog. I’ve also added twitter, just as another random new tool that I’d figure I’d try. Seems neat to now post text-message size updates on a website. I heard it saved a guy’s life.

So hey… we’ll see what happens…

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