iPhone 3G… days away

So I’ve been obsessing over the new iPhone 3G, reading as much as I can from every internet source I can find. I’m still trying to figure out several key issues:

  • Do I really want to spend $15 more a month so I can get work email? (…right now, I’m thinking only if I get reimbursed for the costs.)
  • Can I get a family plan with the new iPhone 3G and say, a Blackberry Curve? (…becoming a family, in more ways than one is important you know!)
  • Where should I get my new iPhone 3G, an Apple or AT&T store?
  • I’m thinking about getting my credit check out of the way, so it won’t take as long to get my phone.

UPDATE: Turns out, if I want to get my corporate discount, I have to go to an AT&T store. I was leaning towards going to an Apple store, as I’ve never had any bad experiences. I just want AT&T to have better customer service than Sprint… please.

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