I’ll try not to embarrass myself here…

So as you can see by my twitter updates and two blog entries (so far) in one day… I’m getting the hang of this. What is driving me nuts is adding a contact to GTalk such that I can integrate twitter with GTalk.

Setting up my phone on twitter… no problem. Trying to setup an IM client to talk with twitter… not so much.

First issue: the nicely created twitter link for GTalk to automatically add itself as a buddy to my account and also send a text with the appropriate pass code does not work (for me). However, in the process, I did do some research about xmpp and it’s ability (attempt) for real-time communication with such applications as (what do you know?) instant messaging. Twitter asks (must have not just been me):Does not work? No problem, I have another option… the manual method.

Just go ahead and add twitter@twitter.com to GTalk account and send the passcode. Problem two: how do you add a new contact to GTalk without first inviting them, and have the other party (in this case, twitter) accept said invitation?

I’m not done messing around, and will most likely remove (edit) this post once I figure it out… so as to not embarrass myself when I figure it out… but at this point… I’m at a loss…

Update: It seems as though (in clear text) that “Pagination and IM are currently disabled. They’ll be back.” is displayed right on the main page of Twitter. However, with all that said… I wish signing up for IM/Twitter integration wasn’t even an option… for mo-rons such as myself.

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