I won’t be suprised if Facebook overtakes MySpace in US

Here’s another opinion based post (after all, isn’t that what this blog is for?). With a TechCrunch article as supporting evidence, I won’t be surprised if Facebook will indeed have more U.S. users than MySpace sometime next year.

After signing up on MySpace over 2 years ago and not touching my account for months at a time, I closed it earlier this year. Several months later, I hesitantly decided to try Facebook. Overall, the experience on Facebook is much more entertaining to me than MySpace (at least for these first few months). For one, there seems to be my same friends on Facebook, plus even more (does Facebook appeal to a wider demographic?). Secondly, while I don’t post directly in Facebook all that frequently, I’m constantly humored by my friends’ status updates, pictures and comments. Also, Facebook keeps me interested with all their applications and integration opportunities (i.e., FacebookConnect).

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