Coming Soon: The Next Generation iPhone

I’m with Crave: The Gadget Blog on this one: what will the next generation iPhone be called? For those of you who find such an article useless, you definitely won’t be reading my articles for very long… because his thought process is exactly how I think. What an interesting idea from Apple, establish and continue to use the name iMac over the years, letting the user community decide the version naming conventions.

Whatever the name, I am all too excited for Steve Jobs to unveil the latest iPhone as part of his keynote at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference. I only hope that the latest iPhone has all of the rumored specifications – most importantly 3G (a must), GPS (I can only hope), and thinner (a luxury feature that no one really needs… but cool to say you have it). I’m also excited by the updated 2.0 software, that above all will have Microsoft ActiveSync… finally a secure (hopefully) business alternative to Blackberry and Windows Mobile OS.

While I didn’t bite on the first generation iPhone (because of a binding two-year contract), you can be sure that I’ll be in line for the next generation iPhone as soon as it’s available.

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